ScottishPower Renewables ‘Coal Clough’ Windfarm Benefit Fund

ScottishPower Renewables ‘Coal Clough’ Windfarm Benefit Fund

Cliviger Parish Council administers the ScottishPower Renewables ‘Coal Clough’ Windfarm Benefit Fund, which is open to constituted and non-constituted organisations, voluntary, community and faith groups which directly benefit the residents of Cliviger. 

There are two grants. A smaller grant of £500 is available all year round, please see the form and guidance.

A larger grant up to £10,000 is available once a year, usually in May/June, please see the form and guidance.

Applications are decided by a mixed panel of residents and independent members, with two parish councillors able to offer advice, but not vote.

Further information if needed is available via the clerk, please see the guidance notes for contact details.

ScottishPower Renewables Community Benefit Report 2023

Community Fund Report 2023

Community Fund Report 2021

Cliviger Community Benefit Fund Programme 2020 Final Report

Community Fund Report 2019

See how the latest round of money has been spent in the community.

Basically Cheer and Fitness – awarded £9.842  
Instructor Lianne Bruce has provided a wealth of social fitness classes using the money. from dance classes for toddlers and First Aid courses for youngsters to sit down exercises and coffee mornings for the older sections of the community, the project has brought people together and provided vital social interaction for many. 
Burnley Youth Theatre – awarded £6,510

Pupils at St John’s CE Primary School have worked with Burnley Youth Theatre from October 2022 to February 2023 on an environment project called ‘Its Good To Go Green’. All pupils engaged with a specialist artist (either puppetry, drama or dance) and created a performance piece for their community event which took place on Wednesday, February 8th at the school. The event engaged over 150 parents and community members who enjoyed drama performances on the day about climate change, puppetry performances using recycled materials to create a piece on recycling and also dance performances on the environment.


 In addition to this, pupils in year 3 and year 4 have achieved a Discover Arts Award (awarded by Trinity College London). 


The Wildlife Trust for Lancashire and Merseyside were also involved by kickstarting their project with some exciting forest school sessions for all pupils in the school grounds. 

Pupils made animal feeders, explored the local wildlife and learnt how to protect the habitat.

The Church of St John the Divine, Cliviger – awarded a total of  £21,500

The Church of St John the Divine were awarded a total of £21,500 under two rounds of funding, to create a modern community room with up to date technology and facilities for all to use.

The photographs show the craftmanship involved in creating a beautiful and open room which will become a great asset to the village.

Cliviger Girl Guides – awarded £2534.38

Lucky Girl Guides from the village have been learning lots of new experiences from outdoor cooking with kelly kettles to making nest boxes to protect the wildlife. The girls also had the chance to visit London and visit many of the capital’s attractions, including a tour on the London Eye.

Cliviger Toddlers – awarded £1,486

Younger members of the community spent their grant on interactive toys for toddlers and arts and craft sessions for the toddlers. Great fun was had and lots of social skills developed.

Mount Zion Church – awarded £7,930

 Safety and energy conservation is a big issue at the church and the money was spent on insulating the church, upgrading some of the lighting to make it more cost effective and providing a safety surface on the steps up to the church to ensure it is safe for allto use.

Cliviger Village Hall – awarded £7,266

The village hall is used by the community and the grant was put towards creating a more environmentally friendly building which can be used by all the groups who use the hall. Storage sheds and improved lighting have been provided and the feedback from users has been positive.

Wildflower Project – awarded £5,500
The parish council is working to make the village more environmentally friendly and colourful and areas of the village have been identified and prepared for wildflowers, which if the conditions are favourable, will pop up around the parish over the summer.
Milestone Project – awarded £12,000
Using surplus money from the fund, the parish council has organised for a professional artist to restore the milestones in the parish. The artist also worked with local children to create a special Jubilee milestone to mark the Queen’s jubilee and this will be placed outside the school. Money was also used to re carve the Maiden Cross and four more cross markers are being designed to reflect the area’s history. This project is ongoing.
RACA Park and Holme Chapel Memorial Shelter – awarded a total of £14,000
The park is well used by local families and money from the surplus fund to repair and upgrade the pavilion used by park visitors for the toilet and kitchen facilities.
A community garden is planned for Holme Chapel Memorial and four planters have been purchased along with tools for use in the garden and the parish. Repairs to the shelter have also been made.
Mereclough and Overtown Flood Resilence Group – awarded £4,630
This newly formed group was awarded funding to carry out a survey and feasibility study dur to flooding in the area. This was designed to resolve problems in the whole parish. Funding is pending because statutory work has now taken place in an area where the flooding is particularly bad and the group which to see the effects of that work before they take any further action.