Parish councils are the first tier of local government in England and Wales and are closest to the people.

They serve the smallest area and are responsible for the most local of matters. They are elected units of local government whose activities are controlled by Acts of Parliament.

Cliviger Parish Council has a number of basic responsibilities, including: representing the whole electorate within the parish; delivering services to meet local needs; and striving to improve quality of life in the parish. It is responsible for providing a range of community services from allotments to the upkeep of the war memorial. Allotments and vacancies are reviewed annually .

The Jerry Dawson pavilion at Mount Lane and the Park Road pavilion by the RACA park are cared for by the parish council and available for public hire.

The parish council is also the key contact for the Scottish Power Renewables Benefit Fund. This fund was set up by the firm to give money back to benefit the community and an annual sum of money is released to local organisations. To find out more, please speak to the clerk via the contact page.

Current council members are: Ivor Emo (chairman, village hall , disciplinary, allotments, planning committees), Mick Heys (vice chairman, Scottish Power , village hall, planning committees, disciplinary independent ), Kath Whittle, (allotments, Scottish Power, planning ), Cosima Towneley (allotments and village hall committees) , Jack Launer (Scottish Power committee), Helen Cameron (disciplinary), Cathy Briggs, Val Bennett and Robert Brownbridge.

All councillors have signed up to the Code of Conduct and completed declarations of interest forms. See below and the information page.

Our Councillors:

Ivor EmoChairman, Village Hall ,
Disciplinary, Allotments, Planning Committees

Mick HeysVice Chairman, Scottish Power , Village Hall, Planning Committees, Disciplinary Independent

Kath WhittleAllotments,
Scottish Power,

Cosima TowneleyAllotments & Village Hall Committee

Jack LaunerScottish Power Committee

Helen CameronDisciplinary

Cathy BriggsCouncillor

Val BennettCouncillor

Robert BrownbridgeCouncillor